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Be Where Your Feet Are

The idea of being "present" has been showing up a lot for my clients lately. As we are pulled in a million directions and the pressures as a leader get bigger the higher we go - disconnecting starts to feel somewhat impossible.

I put together 10 ways that will set you on a path to "Let it Go" and "Be Where Your Feet Are." Sharing both my own learnings and what has worked for my clients. I hope these ideas are helpful but remember - it is a continuous journey every time we make the choice to fully lean into appreciating and experiencing the moment we are in NOW!

  1. Plan Intentionally: Start your day by setting an intention to be present. Have a plan for what your highest value priorities are for the day and write them down. When you are those priority moments remind yourself it is ALL that matters - you won't have this moment again

  2. Get it out of your brain and onto paper. Write down the big stress/worry that will distract you from being present on a sticky note at the start of the day. Honor that you will not accept it in your brain space. At the end of the day you can take it back if it needs to be dealt with. If not, rip it up!

  3. Breathe Deeply: Use your breath as an anchor to the present moment. Take slow, deep breaths and focus your attention on the sensation of your breath entering and leaving your body.

  4. Engage Your Senses: Pay close attention to your surroundings using your five senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel in this moment? Engaging your senses can bring you into the here and now.

  5. Single-Task: Resist the urge to multitask. When working on a task or spending time with someone, commit to doing just that one thing. Give it your full attention.

  6. Practice Mindfulness Meditation: Regular mindfulness meditation can train your mind to stay in the present moment. Dedicate a few minutes each day to simply observe your thoughts and sensations without judgment.

  7. Practice Gratitude: Regularly express gratitude for the present moment. Acknowledge the beauty and blessings in your life as they unfold.

  8. Let Go of Judgment: Release judgment of yourself and others. Accept the present moment without evaluating it as good or bad.

  9. Savor Experiences: Slow down and savor everyday experiences, whether it's enjoying a meal, spending time with loved ones, or witnessing a beautiful sunset.

  10. Reduce Overthinking: When your mind starts to wander into the past or future, gently bring it back to the present. Overthinking can pull you away from the here and now.

Remember that being present is an ongoing practice, and it's normal for your mind to wander. The key is to notice when it does and gently bring your focus back to the present. With time and consistent effort, you can become more skilled at living in the moment and experiencing life's richness.

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