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Bring Your Big Energy

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BRING YOUR BIG ENERGY: The world needs YOU! is THE one of a kind transformational companion that you have been searching for. BYBE is filled with deep rich personal stories of challenge and triumph, offers critical reflection & planning exercises and provides a road map to help you live your most inspired life!


BYBE at it's root is an exploration on how we as individuals chase society’s idea of success, potentially compromising a full life, due to external pressures coupled with our lack of true clarity on what we want. Until…… we are challenged by a catalyst to drastically change.


This catalyst for change in our journey is what I call the “Intensity Point.” When we reach the Intensity point - our perspective shifts.

For some this may look like reaching the top of the “success” mountain and feeling unfulfilled - despite the promise of “having it all.”  For some, this looks like burn out or coming through the other side of trauma. Despite your personal catalyst, this change often launches us into an “Energy Transition.”

BYBE will help you through this “Clarity Journey.” From the “Intensity Point” through “Energy Transition” finally arriving in a world where they are leveraging their “Energy Currency” in a sustainable and fulfilling way.

I was called to write BYBE because when I needed it most on my own personal voyage, nothing like it existed. My biggest hope is that it gives you want you need to as well and that together we can craft you the sustainable fulfilling life you crave and deserve! 

Available on Amazon and where books are sold OCTOBER 2024!

Join me on the journey at

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