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Living your best life starts with a VISION

One of my favorite weekends of the year is VISION WEEKEND. It's a weekend that I host all my fave ladies in my family at our cozy house on the lake for a weekend of bonding, reflecting on the year behind us and dreaming about what is yet to come. We eat too much, laugh too much, cry too much and leave feeling replenished and ready to take on the year ahead.

I also do a similar activity with my core family (hubby and three young girls) which is amazing - I will share that at another time.

For now though, I wanted to share this resource that I put together that I not only leverage on vision weekend but I share with tons of my coaching clients as they set upon a new year, or when they want to reevaluate where they are at, or when they are feeling really overwhelmed with where they are and what comes next.

I hope you enjoy it and please share with @brandnewdaywithstaceyk if you find it as awesome as we all do!!


Reflections + Visioning [Brandnewdaywith
Download • 251KB

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