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Walk a mile in my shoes

Tripping over her "new" Birkenstock's today, I may have cussed under my breath a bit - always shoes in the way, under my feet messing the house. But then I paused, and remembered her "old" Burks, which were "new" to me once and have since disintegrated as two generations of strong females have used them to pave paths.

I became nostalgic - missing an easier time, missing the 12 year girl that she was almost 2 years ago. I remembered this IG Post from long ago.

Worth repeating....

If only she could walk a mile in my shoes...My 12 year old recently found and commandeered my old Burks (Circa 1992) dusted off from the depths of my closet. 🥾

Oh the places these shoes 👠 have been 🌎 ...all the first dates, state fairs, tours of college campuses, welcome week parties 🎉 , Lalapaloozas, and long walks with best friends. Slipping them on to flee the house after a teenaged fight with my mom or to catch my best friends car 🚗 pulling in the drive.

I only pray 🙏that in these shoes she will be BOLD and brave and make the BEST decisions possible 🔥. If these shoes are then able to one day tell her story too - may it be one of joy and achievement and conquering.

May she walk in my shoes as I once did, but learn FASTER 🏃🏼‍♀️and be stronger and STAND up earlier for what she believes in🙌. It is less about the ability to fill MY shoes but more the HOPE that she will achieve so very much that I could NEVER fill hers.💪

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