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Day 3: Just Dance ๐Ÿ’ƒ

My plan crashed and burned. Yup, not inspirational, I get it, but true. I had a plan. To take the leave. To work on the "whole child" and help with their physical emotional and virtual school selves. Its like I thought I would be this massive life coach motivational speaker situation who would come in and save the day, immediately undoing all the damage from our incredibly fun, but not super healthy, quarantine choices. Day 3 = crash + burn

But I forgot that these fearless females I am raising are so smart and focused and have their own thoughts on what getting our traction back looks like. Turns out it was not a lame walk with mom if you were wondering. Motivation is not going to just happen overnight and our momentum lost steam so long ago. I felt stuck, defeated in the first 1/2 mile of what is to be my 26.2 September. I was left wondering why I choose to even sign up for this leave thing, work is so much easier...

But alas, there is a happy ending, and as always there is a solution. Like any good family full of passionate women, we screamed, and cried and picked ourselves back up again. We acknowledged that it will be hard - and it should be hard - because we are building resilience and that does not come for free. They realized my support comes from a place of love and my pushing them is because I know the levels they are capable of achieving. I know they are made for more and will conquer great things.

So, in the end we all agreed to move our bodies. I laced up my shoes and had the best run I have had in weeks. They dusted off the Wii (their idea and I loved it) for "Just Dance." When I checked on them an hour late, they were laughing, and sweating and dang it nailing it on those moves.

I am so proud of these ladies, and my heart swells every time we make it through the other side of what seems an impossible situation. This situation is so hard on us all & it turns out meeting them where they were at, not where I wanted them to be or go, was the answer

Lessons I learned today: Usually when it feels you have broken it the most, you have the biggest breakthroughs, they keep is to believe in second chances - especially on tough conversations, Momentum will trump Motivation every time, You need to be hard core in your goals, but flexible in your approach.

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