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Day 2: Did not see that coming

Ok so many wins today but wow did not see it starting out with COVID-19 testing for my middle fearless female at 10:15am. Sparing you the details but feel so grateful it was negative. Coming off the night before when a dear friend was struggling with health it becomes more important than ever to focus on what matters - our mental and physical health. My 90 day challenge started yesterday (just me in the challenge but so what I need structure) and I am focusing on drinking all the water, skipping all the crappy food, writing every day, moving my body at least 30 minutes a day practicing self care and gratitude.

Wins: Two solid days doing all the Challenge things, kids are logged into all the virtual situations with clean desk and bedrooms (trust me when I say this was a huge win). This website started, family walk last night and healthy meals for the past few days! It truly is the little things we need to celebrate. Getting caught up in the "to do" instead of the "what I did" can be a dangerous place to go - congratulate yourself on momentum as it will be exactly what you need to drive the actions you need to keep the flywheel on track.

Hard Stuff: Holding one of my baby girls crying today as she is hurting so deep, understanding and pushing to practice patience as their outbursts are due to how much they have lost in this COVID war, so many tears over the loss of sports and the harmful effects this will undoubtably have on our kids mental/physical health, fear of the world that is around us.

Yesterday, lastly, I washed our front windows. I removed all the positive sayings "There is a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day" and "We will get through this" and "The rainbow is always most beautiful after the storm." Words and pictures written in a time we felt this would past like a afternoon Orlando rain pocket, when in reality has turned into a Hurricane that won't leave our coast. It is not that we have lost hope, it is just that we need NEW encouragement for this new chapter. We continue to remain positive and embrace every single second of this family time we are receiving!

So on Day #3, I finally put on my OOO, I woke up after an amazing night's sleep and I refuse to let summer leave me so I am on the porch, with coffee and a novel, hanging onto summer and self time as long as I can.



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