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Day 1: 30 Days, a story of motherhood, raising fearless females, saving the world

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

OK so maybe Day 1 is really more - wow I finally have printed school schedules (after searching in the interface and across 3 emails, replacing the computer ink, finally reviewing last terms report cards - yup I am that mom, only to announce it to my girls with a reaction "Mom, we have been snapping all day with our friends about them" sigh.), still have a house full of girls left over from last night's sleep over and I gutted one daughters room and have one work space ready. The only thing getting me through is binging The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu on my airpods. Yes my kids played outside today, cleaned their rooms, and are now are completely vegged out on electronics all over the house. In other news, I decided to chronicle my thirty days of Caregiver's leave and hopes to drop some value down for you here to help us all survive a bit along the way.

Things I learned today: 1) how to purchase this domain - yay, 2) I need 3-5 goalposts each day - if I structure it too much then I will be stressed - allowing the day to happen as long as I accomplish a few key goals is OK 3) blue light glasses work - spend the $20 and 4) they will clean their rooms if you give them a carrot on the stick (friends can stay longer) and lastly 5) you don't have to hold the guilt - acknowledge it but then watch it float on by!


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