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Coaching Tip #1: How do you balance work and momming?

This is the number ONE question I get from women that I am coaching either individually or when I am speaking to them live on stage. My answer is ALWAYS this, and it might not be a popular one...

During our quarantine and virtual learning - I think this advice is more important than ever.


There is NO such thing as balance. BALANCE implies that there’s EQUAL amounts of love and energy to put into each area despite the SEASON you’re walking through. I believe this is IMPOSSIBLE and as women we set ourselves up for FAILURE believing this. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I believe the ENERGY is created and you get to CHOOSE how you APPLY that energy to the places that NEED you MOST in the season that you are in. ⠀⠀

Having the energy to be PRESENT in the WHERE and WHEN it matters MOST is one of the biggest values I choose to PROTECT.

Deep PLANNING with my daughters helps me to understand how and where they want me to SHOW up (I never PRETEND that I can do it all but will guarantee I do what matters MOST to them).


Having honest conversations with my manager at work and my team about how or where THEY want me to show up as well. Being INTENTIONAL and PREPARING my energy to be the most ALIVE and present I can in those MOMENTS. ⠀


IF something you struggle with PLEASE reach out to me at or comment below. I am happy to share any and all

advice on how to make the MOST of your days, bring LOVE to yourself and others, and OPTIMIZE for living your best life! .

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