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Welcome to
The BND Group

by Stacey K
Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

MISSION: To be the catalyst that leaders need to get unstuck, develop extraordinary skills and achieve goals they never dreamed possible.

What is Coaching?

As an Executive Coach I will partner with you to improve your overall effectiveness, enhance your leadership skills and identify opportunities for growth. We will do this together by creating a safe space for your own wisdom to emerge, because ultimately you have the solutions, we just need to uncover them.  My role as Coach, through active listening and appreciative inquiry, will be to help you discover and build a plan for success.

How Coaching Can Help

  • Break through limiting beliefs

  • Navigate pivotal change

  • Improve important relationships

  • Increase leadership impact

  • Accelerate professional advancement

  • Improve Leadership skills

My Role As Your Coach

  • Ask provocative questions

  • Provide authentic listening

  • Build trust and hold space

  • Follow your lead

  • Be a safe and judgement free space

  • Be honest and transparent 

What Coaching Is Not

  • Giving Advice

  • Solving issues

  • Counseling

  • Telling you what they want to hear

  • Providing Training

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

At Work

  • Best in Class Leadership

  • Finding and leveraging Sponsorship

  • Getting Promoted

  • Personal Branding

  • Managing in Excellence

  • Strategic Decision Making

  • Storytelling

  • Building blocks to meeting goals

  • Decision Making

  • Imposter Syndrome

Working Cafe
Cute Notebooks

At Home

  • Developing systems for success

  • Family Meetings

  • Empowering your children

  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Decluttering your house and mind

  • Conflict management

  • Living in FUN every day


  • Building Habits that stick

  • Creating a well rounded life you love

  • Setting goals and a vision for your life

  • Finding your passion and path

  • Discovering your WHY

  • Making your energy

  • Getting unstuck

  • Getting more done than anyone else

  • Replacing perfect with scaling good

  • Surviving what you never thought you could


Speaking Engagements

Stacey K is a keynote speaker on the following a  impactful topics as well as develops & delivers proprietary workshops on vision creation and female empowerment. She is also a sought after MC and Fireside chat host given she brings amazing energy and engagement to every session! She is praised for inspiring and engaging audiences with her invaluable advice, radical candor and authenticity

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Becoming a Confidence Machine

Following her proprietary 5 step approach, Stacey has helped hundreds of women worry less and brag more. By giving her audience the tools to believe in themselves, get unstuck and unlock their limitless potential!

About Stacey K

Stacey Kulongowski is an ACC ICF Certified Executive Coach with 25+ years of experience building, leading and coaching high performing teams. She is passionate about changing her clients lives by being a catalyst for professionals who need to get unstuck, develop extraordinary skills and achieve goals they never dreamed possible.


Stacey is a former Director at Google, where she spent 13 years, launching and leading sales teams, investing in her team culture and driving impact for her clients/Google. Prior to Google, Stacey spent 15 years, working for Advertising agencies across the continental US.


Stacey is from “Up North” Michigan and received her Bachelor's Degree in Advertising from Michigan State University, with High Honors.


Personal: Stacey is raising three fearless females and one adorable mini goldendoodle  with her husband in Northville, Michigan. This team is constantly on the go, are Disney obsessed, lake people, and focused on doing anything active or creative they can. Stacey’s passions include personal development, running, and entertaining!

Favorite Topic: Stacey believes that huge dreams are built in increments driven out of strong habits. She begins every day at 5:30 to run, meditate, journal, practice gratitude and set her day in the most intentional way possible. She believes that if you protect your time, and the things you value, that there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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Monica, Tech Exec

​"I am so grateful for Stacey’s coaching! Stacey’s deep curiosity, brilliant enthusiasm and powerful perception skills are a bright light that have helped me surface critical insights, both personal and professional.

Stacey’s coaching has empowered me to unlock lifelong self imposed limiting beliefs. In doing so, I’ve gained confidence which is rooted in a stronger sense of self awareness. I’ve also stopped running from presenting my most authentic self, which feels amazing! Without Stacey’s coaching, I would have never left my comfort zone, nor gained the clarity needed to truly start reaching my goals."


Secured Promotion

Landed Dream Role

Increased Confidence

Crushed Limiting Beliefs

Sara, Business Owner

"Stacey helped me hone in on my goals in all aspects of my life. She listens in such a a way that she doesn't miss any hesitations OR sparks of joy so that she can challenge me to be my most authentic self. She is the voice that tells me to keep pursuing my passions. I leave my sessions feeling validated and encouraged to take on the rest of my goals!"


Exceeded Sales Goals

Overcame Obstacles to Growth

Increased Prioritization

Expanded Business

Jenn, Sales Leader 

"Stacey has been such a blessing in my life. She has taught me that hard work is  always worth the reward and has helped to give me the confidence to pursue my passions." 

"She will push you just a little further than you know you need, while being a support you also need. Her energy is contagious and uplifting, when I leave her sessions I feel ready to take on the world! Both my career and side passion has taken off in the last few months and personally I have more balance and peace." 

"Thank you Stacey for believing in me and pushing me to be the best possible version of myself. You are a gift to those looking to grow, in any aspect of their life!"


Achieved Top Sales Producer

Launched Own Business

Increased Balance

Decreased Imposter Syndrome

Past Events by Stacey K

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The BND Extended Team

The BND Group continues to thrive and grow and in adding more clients, has the honor of adding more best in class partners and coaches. I am thrilled to formally announce Terry Puchley as a Managing Director and amazing partner

Terry is a Hudson Certified Coach with more than 35 years of experience leading, coaching and mentoring teams. She is a retired partner from PwC and a Senior Leader who elicits trust and motivates teams to produce exceptional results. She is an advisor to the C-suite and Boards on how to solve complex issues and has successfully implemented innovative business strategies.

  • Retired Partner, PwC

  • Chief Audit & Compliance Executive

  • BA, Finance, Northern Illinois University

  • MBA, Loyola University Chicago

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • The Hudson Institute, Certified Coach

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member and Associate certified coach

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